Omnichannel Communication has become a competitive advantage to companies that are looking to provide an excellent Customer Experience. Chat Support and Chat Customer Service have become even more relevant in the age of smartphones; people are becoming used to texting instead of making a call.

Chat systems provide a convenient way for customers to get help without having to wait a long time on hold, the main reason why this is possible, is the ability of an agent to keep track of different conversations simultaneously. The agent has a wide range of tools that allows for providing an excellent experience for the client. Let’s look into some available tools for agents:

  • Preconfigured written responses, for common questions.
  • High availability of a Knowledge Base that includes common responses and templates.
  • Support from a Tier 2 agent on another conversation
  • Support from fellow agents and supervisors on the production floor
  • Search Engines and the Internet for reference material

Having all these tools allows the agent to attend to 2 or more clients depending on the complexity of the service provided. This translates to a lower cost for the company and more satisfied clients.

Next, we need to recognize the limitations of using Chat Technology Services.

  • There is always a possibility of miscommunication, by chat, we are not able to identify the tone of a conversation and non-verbal cues.
  • Certain complex issues can not be solved using a chat conversation, since it requires detailed explanations from the customer to provide the best experience.
  • The teams are handling multiple chats simultaneously, therefore, there could be a delayed response on the customer’s end, and this delay can be increased if the complexity of the conversation is higher.

Why Omnichannel Communication is needed in every business?

Because the customer is king, they will decide which technology they want to use to get in contact with our company. There is always a way to suggest the client to get support from one channel specifically. Websites are designed to provide a quick solution with Frequently Asked Questions, then, if the customer still needs support, they redirect it to a Chat Support question, and if the complexity of the problem requires it, the customer can be escalated to a scheduled call.

If you analyze Customer’s Journey you will see that the customers are directed from a lower cost to a higher cost funnel, without sacrificing the Customer Experience, this is what omnichannel is about; providing the required service at the chosen communication channel by the customer and at the same time, reducing the cost while providing a great Customer Experience.

Using Chat Support and Chat Customer Services provides a quick and convenient way to interact with the customer providing satisfaction. For Business Owners and Corporations, the implementation of this system is very easy, now it can be placed directly into the website, applications, and even Text Messaging Conversations using the phone. This also means a lower cost of operation, fewer inbound calls and less dedicated phone agents; without sacrificing the customer experience.

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